Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop  Dead Gorgeous--Death By Lifesavers

I will remember you as fired by brightly colours
the rainbow's kaleidescope wll evermore be enjoined to you
as my offering to inventiveness and originality
I can only kiss your wrist, head-bowed reverently.

You will always be chameleonic
the infusion of riotous colour will always be your signature tune
just as we shared the cup of satire & carnivalesque
& this fey love of emblazoned endings

Daniela, every word I sprinkle over your hands
is a shower from a painter's palette and a photographer's eye
I pray each sentence will shine phosphorecent
when you and I are detained for not taking life too seriously
so first, let me salute you, and then let us drink.

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